The Must-have Equipment in Wedding Photography

These days, wedding photography has become rather popular as many enthusiasts are slowly learning the trade and becoming even better than most professional wedding photographers.  Aside from having an eye for the art of wedding photography, a lot of photography enthusiasts also come better equipped with the latest gadgetries in photography that allows them to frame and capture amazing images that are clearly unimaginable just a few years back.  When it comes to the latest photography gears and equipment, different wedding photography Calgary groups will likely be better equipped than others.

It is often said that better equipment usually just helps in compensating for lack of skills.  But what if you give the highly-skilled better gears?  Surely the results will just be amazing.  Listed below is several of the must-have wedding photography equipment for those who are looking to up their game:

  1. Full Frame DSLR and Backup Camera – wedding photographers should have at least a minimum of two DSLR cameras. There are some who even bring three with them so that their cameras already come equipped with the necessary lens they will need for the particular shoot. Since the pace of the event, particularly on the part where the couple exchange vows, will not be slowed down for the sake of the photographer, having the right gear and lens pre-equipped will allow you to capture the moment without having to scramble for your gear and lens.
  2. Assorted Fast Lenses and Filters – aside from fast prime lenses, medium zoom and telephoto lens are also needed for those long range shots that capture the backdrop where the event is being held. Having filters that help to enhance the image you are taking without post-editing can help make the photo look more natural.
  3. Flash Kits and Brackets – flash diffusers, studio strobes, flash brackets, and umbrellas helps in creating perfectly lit images without drowning them in hard light such as that emitted by regular speedlight flash without diffusers. The advantage of having and using different flash kits is that the images are more natural-looking due to the soft light they emit.
  4. HD Video Camcorder – these days when capturing wedding events, aside from just the regular photography part, video camcorders are also being utilized. This is mainly because camcorders are able to capture all the movements of the people attending the wedding. Once properly edited for the important moments of the event, it will be like watching a film of the wedding day celebration.
  5. Drone with Camera – one of the latest gadgetries that a professional wedding photographer should have these days is a drone with camera. Basically, a drone is remotely-controlled or operated unmanned aerial vehicle. Since a drone is able to fly and hover, its camera is able to capture the event from above, giving you an aerial perspective of the wedding event going on below.  Since it can also be maneuvered accurately, a drone can capture parts of the event you cannot really capture without flight.